This weekend I did my sock drawer … again

A friend of mine once sent me the first series DVD of Black Books. As soon as I started watching the first episode, I knew why. I laughed out loud so much.

It was an episode where Bernard who runs a book shop had to do his self assessment and submit his accounts. So he visits his accountant and empties his pockets of scribbled on bus tickets and fag boxes onto his desk. Within minutes though his accountant is on the run from the police so Bernard finds himself in the position of having to do his own books.

He then proceeds to do everything possible to avoid this, from pairing up his socks to inviting a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses inside to have a chat.

I can see the similarities in me. Obviously, my mate did too. It’s me every single year. Last year (or should I say this year) I submitted and paid my tax bill on 31st January. That’s the last day possible before you get fined.

I’ve had two letters from my accountant since April asking things of me. I’m a very busy man though and I’ve had much more urgent things to deal with first.

  1. Give to charity all ill-fitting old clothes
  2. Clean under the bed
  3. Attend gym classes
  4. Organise sock drawer so socks are on the left, shorts on the right
  5. Book a holiday four hours before the flight
  6. Go on another holiday three days after returning from previous holiday
  7. Finish the mild section of a Soduku book
  8. Read cookery books
  9. Read and order from takeaway menus
  10. Add photos from several years ago to Facebook

The list goes on. I’ve got to the point now where I’ve run out of mindless things to do that I have no choice. I have to dig out those statements and get on with it.

Four months have passed since the first letter from my accountant. Four months! There’s not even been a World Cup or European football to distract me.

I’ve also not even been able to use the weather as an excuse. It’s not been hot or dry enough to be outside.

And even now, I’m writing this blog post as another means of delaying the inevitable.

I may need to go to church and start praying. Where are those Jehovah’s witnesses when you need them?

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