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Shop Codes is eighteen months old and below are the top search phrases that have attracted visitors to the site. This post was prompted as a search for “voucher codes” now returns Shop Codes in the middle of page one in Google. This is a promotion as the site has often been in eleventh place.

Shop Codes does not rely on advertising via Pay-Per-Click to generate traffic. Of the eighteen months, the site has been advertised on either Google or Yahoo for parts of nine of those months. The last PPC activity was two months ago on 5th June 2007.
Number one keyword

  1. Feb-Mar 06 – discount codes
  2. Apr-July 06 – tesco+voucher+codes
  3. Aug-Oct 06 – discount codes
  4. Nov-Dec 06 – merchant brand name X
  5. Jan-Mar 07 – discount codes
  6. Apr 07 – voucher codes
  7. May 07- merchant brand name Z
  8. June-Aug 07- voucher codes

Number one keyword discounting any PPC activity

  1. Feb-Jul 06 tesco+voucher+codes
  2. Aug 06 tesco voucher codes
  3. Sep 06 microdirect voucher
  4. Oct 06 tesco voucher codes
  5. Nov-Dec 06 merchant brand name X
  6. Jan 07 – merchant brand name Y
  7. Feb 07 – voucher codes
  8. Mar-May 07- merchant brand name Z
  9. June-Aug 07- voucher codes
    You’ll see that I’ve mentioned ‘Tesco’ and ‘MicroDirect’ but elsewhere I’ve listed “merchant brand name” “X,Y and Z”. I can’t really tell you what merchants they are, as they still feature very highly in the search results and are profitable to me.
    I generated over 100,000 sales for ‘Merchant brand name X’ alone during the two Christmas months.
    What can I tell from this picture?

    Well, when I first launched the site I set out to rank highly for the term “voucher codes”. That has been achieved. It’s only been in more recent months that I’ve focussed on other related keywords and three word phrases.

    Also, the four months where merchant X, Y and Z are listed were my most profitable. And this is one of the reasons why I suspended PPC activity. Rather than chasing visitors that typed in “voucher codes” into Google, I opted to be more direct and find those visitors who actually had a shop or product in mind too.

    If you find that one of your sites merchant pages is the number one result in Google for a keyword or phrase, I recommend you avoid playing about with that content or page too much.

    My “Merchant Brand Name Y” is highly featured as I put some original copy into my pages. If I remove that phrase now, then the page will no longer feature when it’s next indexed.

    So, like me, keep a close eye on what keywords are being used to find your site. You may find some gems.

    And if your top keyword phrase is “tesco voucher codes”. Well done. You can keep it 🙂

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