Please can we enjoy the August Bank Holiday before we get stressed about Christmas?

I can’t get away from Christmas this week and I’m cracking up. I first noticed it on the way to work passing the Hilton Hotel, advertising their rooms, probably for Christmas 2008.

Then there was the email from my bosses boss, asking about shift cover. At least on that front I was ahead of the game and booked my Christmas week off in June.

Online there’s the blog posts coming in thick and fast, warning us all that if we affiliates and merchants don’t start building our pages now we’re all going to live a miserable poor life. ‘Pass the tinsel‘? Please, pass the bucket … and spade. It’s still Summer.

But worst of all, the party invites are now being sent out. As I said, I booked my work days off in June and with an impending September fortnight trip to see my sister in Hong Kong, I have no spare days to take.

Now I’m already annoyed with Christmas and enviously looking on as I can’t attend the boat trip down the Thames or the jolly in the Midlands.

So while you all start getting your black ties in a twist, I’m going to chill and enjoy this August Bank Holiday weekend.

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