Hello and Goodbye from Funday?

The email began so friendly, “Hello from Funday!” but again the important small print sat lurking at the death. “… failure to make contact with me could result in your affiliate account being suspended.”

What’s the crime? None, just to make sure the brand is consistent and “makes us ALL plenty of money for Christmas treats.”

OK, the Bank Holiday is now out of the way. Let’s all get stressed for Christmas.

So after mulling over what to send in the email to Funday, I was wondering if I could get away with just replying with a blank template or my email signature?

I opted for the more polite approach and to say that I was looking forward to seeing what new promotional codes they were offering and I sent it to the address listed in the mail.

It however, promptly bounced, with the error: “Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 Requested action was not taken because this server doesn’t handle mail for that user.”

So there we have it. Funday may not get many replies and so let the suspensions begin.

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