Google is keeping me in a job … for now

Google appears to have a love/hate relationship with my site that changes at the end of each month.

Yesterday, Thursday 30th August, saw a positive move and my Shop Codes traffic increased by 400% compared to previous days.

If the last few months are anything to go by, it looks like I am going to have a very good September, followed by a reasonably good October, an excellent November enhanced with early Christmas shoppers, then a dip at December before a rise in time for the January sales.

May 2007 was an excellent month for me and as I’ve reported before the traffic abruptly disappeared from 1st June. June was still good but allowed me to measure May as the benchmark for being ‘excellent’.
Traffic later returned and substantially increased from 10th July and on 30th July it crashed back down to its June level. Exactly one month to the day later Google has done an update and my traffic has this time benefited.

When the traffic is good i.e with over 1000 visitors a day, the profits are excellent. Shop Codes has a very high conversion rate for turning discount code searchers into customers. I’ve already published top search terms for my site and the current number one is still the generic term “voucher codes”.

When the traffic is at its lowest, as in April, June and August, the profits are still very good. The only real cost I have to running my site is my time.

So, if profits are very good in the “bad months”, why do I continue to be a part-time affiliate and still have a day job?

The answer is consistency. My business profits are reliant on natural Google traffic and I am in and out of favour every other month. When I am flavour of the month, my site is often the number one result in the search results pages for merchants discount codes. When I am not flavour of the month, Google doesn’t spider my pages as often and my site is dropped a page or two. The traffic that comes and goes directly affects the level of income.

If Google were to consistently love my site for consecutive months I’d re-assess a lot of things (after having another holiday of course) but while the search engine is keeping me on my toes, it looks like I have to stick to updating my site at the times I should really be in bed.

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3 Responses to “Google is keeping me in a job … for now”

  1. Hi Ray – you’ve hit the nail on the head here – I’m lucky. in that, GG hits different parts of my site each month – so as one area dips another rises, making for quite a consistent income.

    Maybe the answer is to diversify a tad more – give GG a bit more fodder to choose from each month.

    Fingers crossed GG’s hitting the toy section over the next few months and not the paddling pool pages 🙂

  2. Raymond!
    It seems as though you’ve got the ‘game’ dialed in. There are peaks and valleys in every endeavor and we all take the good with the, hopefully, not too bad.
    Best to you.

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