Discount code merchants. Do you want to stand out?

Merchants with discount codes expiring 31st August may be missing a trick. A quick glance at my Shop Codes site shows 42 merchants codes are expiring on the last day of the month but only one the day before.

Don’t you know if you’re more creative with your expiry dates you’ll receive more exposure? Many code sites, including my own promote highest the codes that are expiring soon. These are often popular as customers love to bag a bargain before it disappears.

My statistics show that I sometimes generate more sales for a merchant where the code is about to expire. The reasoning is simple, those merchants are promoted above the fold on the home page and across the site. I typically will put a merchant in this slot up to three days before the promotion is to end.

So, if you want say free three days promotion over-and-above what you’re getting already then just stop making your code expire the last day of the month.

My newer site Voucher Diary will concentrate on expiring codes so it will pay even more to stand out and not have a code expire on the same day as 40 other merchants do. I’m not currently updating that site much but as it’s returning on page one on Google SERPs I’m under pressure to start populating it quickly.

The dates below list the number of merchants with codes expiring on that date.

  • 14/08 (2)
  • 15/08 (5)
  • 16/08 (1)
  • 17/08 (1)
  • 19/08 (1)
  • 20/08 (3)
  • 21/08 (1)
  • 22/08 (1)
  • 23/08 (1)
  • 24/08 (1)
  • 25/08 (1)
  • 28/08 (1)
  • 29/08 (3)
  • 30/08 (1)
  • 31/08 (42)

Now, who wants to have their code expire 27th August instead?

Please note that I wouldn’t want you to take this to the extreme and do what Waterstone’s do and that is have a code that is valid from 2pm for only 24 hours. I don’t work to those time frames yet.

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