“Please remove your site from Google, page one …”

I was shocked to read this email today from a merchant, asking me to stop Google spidering my site. This blog includes posts of how I try to improve my rankings, so why when I get to the top of page one, after 39 days of using legitimate search engine optimisation, would I want anything else?

The email went as such:

“If you type {merchant X} in Google you get your site with the shop code on the first page and from checking my discount record it would appear that more people are using the code than the commission that I pay you. Can you install a robot txt to ensure that Google does not pick up your page for my site?”

If each merchant were to send me the same request and I did that, then I may as well stick to my nine-to-five.
Shop Codes is currently receiving record levels of traffic yet despite that, this particular merchant’s page is rarely visited.

It has only been viewed a total of 33 times by 25 unique visitors in the last 30 days, peaking with 5 views on 14th July 2007.

In the last 30 days, there have only been 15 visits from people searching with the keyword {merchant X}.

It appears the real issue is that people are using my site as a resource and I am not receiving commission for every person that goes on to purchase. I am fine with that as long as the majority of people still click the affiliate links. Many code sites have gone down the route of hiding the codes or framing the merchants sites. Going down this route just makes the code one further click away. Then, when the user clicks to reveal, the merchants site opens up in a new browser window. This may make me more money by having more cookies installed but I am satisfied with my current revenues, not to have to use this approach.

But to tell Google to ignore my site would be business suicide. Only last month all my pages were stuck in the Supplemental index or on page 37 and that was not a good place to be in.

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2 Responses to ““Please remove your site from Google, page one …””

  1. I am itching to know the name of the merchant, please elaborate.

  2. I think it would be rude to name the merchant. I replied to them saying that I wouldn’t be implementing their suggestion and they didn’t get back to me. They are on Affiliate Window though, just to tease you further 🙂

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