Word de-Press-ed

“Download the new version!” it shouted. And then one hour later my website was gone…

I lost one of my WordPress websites this morning when I upgraded it. My site www.1234codes.co.uk [now redirecting elsewhere] was beginning to appear on page one of some Google queries and as a result was receiving a share of new unique visitors each day. So I thought I’d update it for the first time since its February launch as most of the content was dated.

So after spending Saturday pruning the content and uploading a few new offers, my plan for Sunday was to find a new theme for it.

On my travels though, I saw that WordPress 2.2 (“The latest stable release”) was available to download. The upgrade pages couldn’t stress any more that you needed to backup the database. So I did. More than once.

Then I uploaded the software via my hosting company Servage. Clicking two little links “Autoinstaller” and “install” ruined everything. All the content had gone. No problem I thought, I’ve got backups.

However, when I tried to import them it was reporting MySQL errors at me. And that’s where the WordPress site left me. “Support is closed for the weekend.”

So I’ve 301 redirected the site to my main site and for the foreseeable future 1234codes is closed for business.

That website only ever was an experiment to see how the search engines would treat it. So I have learned something at least. Don’t ever upgrade, be happy with what you’ve got!

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