Results 361 – 370 of about 132,000 for dixons discount code.

My “Dixons discount code” page ranks on page 37 of Google for the search term “dixons discount code”. My link is surrounded by familiar affiliate sites. The site is at number 366. Now I’ve visited some of those 365 sites above. I own the domain, so I just had to visit who are listed on page 33. Now come on, that site is a joke.

I’m fed up with the deal the Google hand is playing me at the moment. May 2007 was a record month for Shop Codes and I was making hundreds of pounds of commission each and every day. Conversions were at 20% and it felt like Christmas.

Then at 11:30pm 31st May, I saw that my traffic had dipped. I’ve been here before and I knew June was going to be a tough month.

So this is where we’re at now. I’m receiving little Google traffic as my pages are stuck on page 37 of the results.

hold the Dixons page up as an example. I used a ‘SEO TESTER’ tool at InstantPosition to see what was wrong with the page. It scored an excellent 37 out of 40.

“Your server settings are excellent.”

“Your page title reflects high relevance to your keyword.”

“Your keyword density is good.”

There’s obviously something up – but whatever it is, Google didn’t mind last month!

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  1. […] But to tell Google to ignore my site would be business suicide. Only last month all my pages were stuck in the Supplemental index or on page 37 and that was not a good place to be in. […]

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