Paris Hilton Day

Poor Paris Hilton, always famous for the wrong things. November 21, 2003 give or take a few days, sticks in my mind.

That’s the day that an unknown socialite called Paris Hilton became famous around the world. On the day her video went on the Internet I had a page of her that was the number one result in Google for the search term “Paris Hilton”.

My bandwidth was costing me 100 each day alone and I thought I’d have to close my site as I received 125,000 daily visitors. However, lots of people were wanting to cash in so I charged them $500 a day for a text link on the Paris Hilton page.

This was my first real introduction to affiliate marketing. I removed the existing affiliate dating adverts and replaced them with $50 download links (which were available free elsewhere.) Thankyou Paris!

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  1. I think Paris is so very pretty girl beautiful eyes but so very wild

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